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Edwards Seaweed



For grassland we recommend an application of 5L of Edwards Seaweed and 250g of BioN per hectare in Spring. Further applications of Edwards Seaweed only may be required when making multiple cuts or if overstocked.


For cereal crops we recommend an application of 2L of Edwards Seaweed and 250g of BioN per hectare at growth stage 20 followed with a further application of Edwards Seaweed only at 2L per hectare at growth stages 30-32 and 1L per hectare at flag leaf.


For use on other crops contact us for application rates. 

Storage and handling


Avoid temperatures below 4 degrees centigrade and above 50 degrees centigrade.

Use within 24 months of manufacture.

Edwards Seaweed is available in 10L and 1000L containers.

Edwards Seaweed Fertiliser is approved for use in organic systems by the Organic Farmers & Growers and is a concentrated pressed seaweed sustainably harvested from UK waters. The extraction process ensures that the hormones and enzymes within the seaweed are not destroyed during extraction and are available to your plants.


Edwards Seaweed Fertiliser ‘stimulates’ internal plant responses enabling better utilisation of nutrients, as well as improving the plants stress tolerance and defence responses to both fungi and insect Infestation.

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Seaweed is a rugged plant; it has evolved to withstand exposure to extreme weather conditions and the stresses of the incoming/outgoing tide. The hormones that assist the seaweed to withstand this exposure are made available to your plant.

When used in conjunction with BioN, Edwards Seaweed Fertiliser will give you a continual supply of Nitrogen for up to 9 months, increasing biological activity within the soil whilst improving soil structure and increasing overall root mass and plant health.

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