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Edwards Advanced Seaweed

Edwards Advanced Seaweed is the culmination of 18 months of trial and development work to produce a formulation that is both effective and easy to apply.

Edwards Advanced Seaweed Fertiliser is a concentrated pressed seaweed sustainably harvested from UK waters, blended with humic substances.

Edwards Advanced Seaweed Fertiliser ‘stimulates’ internal responses to enable better utilisation of nutrients, improving the plants stress tolerance and defence responses to both fungi and insect Infestation.

Edwards Advanced Seaweed Fertiliser passes relatively easily through the plant cellular wall, making both foliar and root application ideal.


When used in conjunction with BioN, Edwards Advanced Seaweed Fertiliser will give you a continual supply of Nitrogen for up to 9 months, increasing biological activity within the soil whilst improving soil structure and increasing overall root mass and plant health.

The images above show us applying Edwards Advanced Seaweed Fertiliser and BioN on the 12th February 2023 on grassland. 20 cattle at approximately 400Kg each were introduced to the land 1 week after application. This time period also includes 2 weeks of snow and frost.

This land has been managed by Edwards Agricultural Supplies for the past 10 years using seaweed products.

Keenan mixer

Due to an increase in demand for Edwards Advanced Seaweed Fertiliser we have purchased a bespoke Keenan mixer, which has given us the ability to significantly reduce costs.

This means that by keeping our costs down, the savings can be passed onto the farmer.

The quality and output of this machine and service has exceeded our expectations.


If you require more information on Keenan machines please visit their website.

For grassland we recommend an application of 5L of Edwards Advanced Seaweed and 250g of BioN per hectare in Spring. Further applications of Edwards Advanced Seaweed only may be required when making multiple cuts or if overstocked.
For cereal crops we recommend an application of 2L of Edwards Advanced Seaweed and 250g of BioN per hectare at growth stage 20 followed with a further application of Edwards Advanced Seaweed only at 2L per hectare at growth stages 30-32 and 1L per hectare at flag leaf.
For use on other crops contact us for application rates. 

Storage and handling
Avoid temperatures below 4 degrees centigrade and above 50 degrees centigrade. Store in dry conditions.
Use within 24 months of manufacture.
Edwards Advanced Seaweed is available in 10L and 1000L containers.

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