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Aerator blades

Our robust engineered Air-Rators (4.5m, 3m,1m) are available for sale or hire. Designed to relieve problems known to arise through soil compaction. Our Air-Rators are available with both fixed width and folding arm designs. Our Air-Rators will give you years of service and value for money. Bespoke designs are available on request.

We have pre used machines available for sale which we refurbish to incorporate our expert design for reliability and longevity. We also stock a range of replacement blades for various manufacturers. 

Compacted soil will contain very little oxygen, which in turn will reduce the aerobic bacterial activity within the soil. This will have a direct impact on the number and quality of roots as well as increasing the risk of rainfall runoff and watercourse pollution.

When soil is aerated the oxygen content increases, opening up the structure of the soil and allowing it to breath. This in turn will increase microbiological activity and worm population resulting in an expansion of root mass. The subsequent increase in root growth will reduce poaching and sod pulling.


Advantages of soil aeration

  • Grassland can increase potential grazing by 4 weeks

  • The Soil will warm up quicker in the Spring encouraging new growth in 2 weeks

  • The Soil will retain heat in Autumn allowing grass to continue in growth for a further 2 weeks

  • Increases slurry uptake and reduces the need for the addition of NPK thus saving money

  • Helps free up bound iron

  • Increases rainfall absorption

  • Prevents soil erosion and

  • Helps diffuse watercourse pollution

  • Lower carbon footprint


The Reduction and Prevention of Agricultural Diffuse Pollution (England) Regulations 2018 state: You must ensure you prevent livestock compacting soil by trampling it (poaching) within five metres of inland freshwater or coastal water.

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