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Edwards Animal Seaweed

Edwards Animal Seaweed is the natural liquid extract of Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed harvested from British Waters.


Independent research has shown that the addition of liquid seaweed in drinking water improves intestinal health by increasing the surface area of the villi in the gut for both digestion and nutrient absorption, thus increasing feed conversion ratios.


Further independent reasearch has suggested that seaweed antioxidants also increase resistance to environmental stress factors, reducing the risk of immune response inflammation in the animal. It has been suggested that persistent oxidative stress in cattle may contribute to chronic inflammation which in turn can lead to a variety of chronic diseases in the animal.


Research has demonstrated that consumption of Ascophyllum nodosum by pigs resulted in pathogen reduction by its positive effect on the immune function.

Research also suggests that the introduction of Ascophyllum nodosum to the diet of crossbred cattle increased the amount of intramuscular fat, the marbling score, and had the the potential to increase meat shelf life.


In a separate independant study feeding liquid Ascophyllum nodosum enhanced growth performance and increased body weight in chicks. Subsequent evaluation of the chicks’ intestines suggested that chicks fed liquid seaweed had improved intestinal health by increasing the surface area for both digestion and nutrient absorption. Morbidity was also reduced.


Seaweed antioxidants have a positive impact on the ‘good’ bacteria within the gut whilst inhibiting ‘bad’ bacteria, increasing nutrient digestibility and thus improve nutrient availability and the feed conversion ration.


Edwards Animal Seaweed is a natural product and as such some variation may be present between batches.



Use daily to supplement feed

Contains approximately:-

19mg/kg Iodine

98% moisture



Store at ambient temperature away from direct sunlight. Use within 12 months of opening and before the best before date.



Once diluted use within 72 hours

Add to drinking water or feed

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