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Edwards Mycroboost

Mycroboost is a seed germination aid approved for restricted use in organic systems by the Organic Farmers & Growers.


Mycroboost contains the optimal combination of dried seaweed, BioN, and Mycorrhizae fungi, containing all that the seed/seedling requires for rapid growth as soon as the first tap root is laid down.

New seeds that have received an application of Mycroboost at planting.

Adjoining field planted at the same time with no application. All other inputs were the same.

Mycroboost promoted better root growth that helped the plants withstand the summer drought better.

A quality crop of maize using Edwards Advanced Seaweed Fertiliser and Mycroboost.

Another quality crop of maize using Mycroboost.

Comparison of maize that has had Mycroboost applied vs untreated.

Healthy Mycroboost treated maize crop in the foreground, untreated in the background.

An excellent maize crop being harvested.

Mycroboost is a unique mixture of dried seaweed, Mycorrhizae fungi and BioN. It provides essential nutrients to the seedling as it lays down its first root, and continues to work for the duration of the plants life or until the land is disturbed. Dried seaweed is also very good at retaining moisture, holding it close to the seed and seedling.


Mycroboost contains Arbuscular mycorrhizae (AM) which help transport nutrients and micronutrients from the soil to the plant. Mycroboost also contains 8 different species of soil borne bacteria that assist in the conversion of non-soluble nutrients into plant soluble forms and absorption of nitrogen from the atmosphere, thus promoting sustainable land management practices and establishing a healthy ecosystem. This symbiotic relationship between plant, bacteria and AM provides better access to both nutrients and water.


500g per acre

Storage and handling

Avoid temperatures below 4 degrees centigrade and above 50 degrees centigrade.

Store in dry conditions.

Mycroboost is available in 1Kg & 2.5kg net containers.

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