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Our seaweed is sustainably harvested off the shores of the UK. Seaweed has been used by farmers for thousands of years to feed crops and animals.





High dry matter grass packed with trace elements and minerals both in grazing & forage resulting in healthier faster growing stock, therefore quicker to market increasing margins.




Cut costs by reducing Nitrogen usage, giving better disease resistance & reducing insect attacks eg flea beetle.

Increase bushel weight.





When urea or Ammonium Nitrate fertiliser is applied to farmland around 30-80% of the Nitrogen can be lost to the environment.

Both Edwards Advanced Seaweed Fertiliser and Edwards Seaweed Fertiliser can be applied in wet conditions with no leaching. It is not possible to spread traditional chemical fertilisers in wet conditions as this can cause leaching into water courses.  



“Our calves are left on their mothers for up to 8 months, growing rapidly on their mother's rich milk and thriving off the old mixed leys.

Grazing from our old ley meadows lavished with mixed grasses, wildflowers and herbs gives these docile cattle the nourishment and vital minerals they require, naturally, sipping spring water from our troughs, fresh and pure drinking water.

Our cattle roam freely, we do not intensely farm, they do not require antibiotics nor are they de-horned, we leave our cattle to grow naturally and in a natural environment.

We do not spray our fields with chemicals, just a mist of natural liquid seaweed, balancing the soil for our mixed leys to flourish”

Parsons Hall Farm September 2021

“This grass is grown with one application  of Edwards Advanced Seaweed 10 days ago. I was sceptical at first on using it but with no rain the way this grass as grown in such short period of time it proves it was well worth using this product. Money well spent”

Nicky Griffiths April 2022

“Three months of good quality cow grazing after one application of Edwards Advanced Seaweed, EASy BioN and one aeration.

This has been grazed 5 times on one application”

Roger Cooke May 2022

“Turnips planted on the 23/7/22 after months of drought conditions the turnips are beginning to fill out. Only received 2 applications of seaweed and 1 application of BioN. Due to receive another application of seaweed this week”

Owen Hughes July 2022

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